Microsoft Outlook 97
  1. Open the Outlook program
  2. Click on Tools and go to Services
  3. If you have Internet E-mail listed go to step 3, if you don't have Internet E-Mail listed click on Add and continue
  4. Select Internet E-mail and click on OK
  5. Enter the following information
  6. Mail Account:
  7. Name: Your Name
  8. Organization: (Optional)
  9. E-mail Address: Your E-mail address (
  10. Reply Address: Same as your e-mail address (Optional)
  11. Please click on Servers
  12. Enter YOUR Internet providers outgoing mail server
    for Outgoing Mail (SMTP)
  13. Enter for Incoming Mail (POP3)
  14. Enter your username where is asks for Account Name (please remember it is case sensitive)
  15. Enter your password where it asks for it (your password is also case-sensitive)
  16. Click on Connection
  17. Select I connect manually
  18. Click Apply and then OK
  19. Click OK again
  20. Close the Services window, exit Outlook and open it again.

To check your mail with Outlook, please connect to the internet first and then load Outlook and click on Tools and select Check for New Mail


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