Microsoft Internet Mail and News for Macintosh

In Internet Mail and News, please click on the Edit menu and select Preferences
In the Preferences windows, please select E-mail under the Mail & News heading.

Fill-In this Information
Real Name: The name you wish to have identified with your email address.
E-mail address: The email address.
Organization: (Optional)
SMTP host: YOUR Internet providers outgoing mail server.
Account ID: This will be your username. Most likely in all lowercase.
POP host:
Account name: Select a name and click Add.
To add additional accounts, please repeat the previous process for any other accounts. Please specify a different "Account Name" for each. It is usually best to make it the name of the email account so that you will be able to distinguish between different accounts.
To setup your news groups, please click on News on the left side of the Preferences window.

Type in in the NNTP host field and where it says Account name and click Add.
If you would like to set your Internet Mail and News program to check your mail at a regular interval, please click on Send/Receive under Mail & News on the Preferences window.

Set the option Check for mail every _ minutes. You should probably set it to 10 minutes.
Click OK to finish setup.
To check email, click on the Mail menu and select Receive Mail. This will download all your new messages.

To send mail from an account other than the main(default), compose a new message. When you are done with the message, click on the Mail menu and select Account. You may then select which account to send this email from.

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