Publishing with Microsoft FrontPage '98

Microsoft has released a patch for Frontpage98
Please visit the Microsoft FrontPage 98 support page at

Start your FrontPage'98 Explorer and open the web on your Personal Web Server that you wish to publish.

Click on 'file' on the menu bar and choose 'publish front page web' (do not use the "publish" button on the toolbar).  When the 'Publish' box opens, click on 'more webs'

Another wider, shorter 'Publish Front page Web' window opens up. On the left is a button for "finding a host for your front page web". DO NOT click that button. On the right is a box with something like:

Backspace over this and type in your domain name (i.e.

NOTE: If front page asks for the name of your ftp server, STOP, click on cancel and do not publish. This happens because your Front page Explorer did not correctly detect the front page extensions on our server.  Please contact support

You will now be prompted to enter your username and password. Do so and click 'OK'.

Frontpage will begin the upload your web site when it is done, you should be able to find your web page with your web browser by simply typing in your domain name. If frontpage gives a "timeout" error prior to uploading the whole web, you may have to wait up to 15 minutes before attempting to publish again. If you continue to recieve "timeout" errors please email


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