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Below is a list of popular FTP software.  Boot Networks recommends WS_FTP and CuteFTP.  There are step by step instructions available on our site for these 2 peices of software.   Keep in mind that new versions of FTP software are continuously being released, you might want to stop by and search for the client of your choice to see if an updated version is available.)

  1. WS_FTP 4.5- a standard FTP client for Windows Sockets. The graphical interface was designed with the novice FTP user in mind. This version features a reengineered FTP server detection and decoding process. Requirements: Windows 3.x or higher. 650 KB Download WS_FTP 4.5.

  2. Cute FTP- CuteFTP is a Windows-based Internet application that lets beginners use ftp without having to know many details about the protocol itself. It simplifies ftp by offering a user-friendly, graphical interface instead of a command-line prompt. Requirements: Windows 95. 483 KB Download CuteFTP

  3. FTP Explorer 1.00.010- FTP Explorer is an FTP client that provides a user interface similar to that of Windows Explorer, including full 32-bit capabilities. This includes drag-and-drop support for downloading and uploading files, shortcuts, multithreading of transfers, and a consistent Windows 95 look and feel. Requirements: Windows 95. 661 KB Download FTP Explorer 1.00.010.


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